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Eternal Weekend.

Abigail Varney's series 'Eternal Weekend' is an exploration of escapism, peace, desire and rebellion. It's a photographic journey capturing her subjects immersing themselves into the environment and re-connecting with their natural playground. Stepping away from the chaos and pressures of life in their twenties, into the stillness of a dreamlike state of mind.  Her series engages with organic shapes and textures of nature working alongside the lines of the human form. 

Series for sale please contact abigail.varney@gmail.com for further information. 

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A sneak peek...


Friday, November 5 at 6:30pm - November 6 at 6:00am

LocationSynergy Gallery
253 High Street
Northcote, Australia


When four friends decided to get together to entertain the idea of a photographic exhibition, one thing was clear: although very much connected through their passion for documentary based photography, each one of their styles was vastly different to the other.

The thought of bringing these diverse approaches together began to excite them. The concept began to take shape and was no longer just an idea. What has emerged since is a harmonious cocktail of light and shade, vision and sense, movement and stillness. So the name of this exhibition comes as no surprise – four styles, four personalities, four perceptions - all combined.

Together, they will take you on four unique journeys which mesh and fuse into one. From the life and times of an emerging rock band, to the sidewalks and streets we live in both local and abroad, to escapism and reconnection with nature and finally to the far away island of Sumatra and the lives of those who call it home.

This is Eva’s 7th exhibition, and the inaugural exhibition for Julie, Abigail, and Jessica.

Please join them on this evening and enjoy the world through their eyes.

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